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Black lens color HUGO Sunglasses

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    Black lens color HUGO Sunglasses

    In dark ruthenium with grey shaded lenses, the Hugo by Hugo Boss 0061 is a broadly focused accessory. With little clips to hold the lens in place at multiple points around the rim, it grabs focus but then disperses it all around. The effect is both striking and a little unnerving. It throws onlookers out of their routine, and forces them to interact on an impromptu basis. Don't let the crowd treat you as just another part of the crowd. Really set yourself apart.

    Hugo Boss Online

    In light gold with brown shaded lenses, these pilot style Hugo by Hugo Boss sunglasses should be up for all sorts of style awards. Classy and reserved, yet surprisingly incisive, this is your invitation to join the winners' circle. Say no more, just step forward and claim your award – take your rightful prize. All eyes are on you – and the spotlights, too. It's bright on stage, but not as bright as you.

    The Boss by Hugo Boss 0036 in transparent honey with light brown shaded lenses sure knows how to make a mouth water. Half candy and half jurassic amber, this little contraption is like science meets pure indulgence. It's smart and fun, but it makes a fashion statement, too. Don't take anything too seriously, unless it's life and death – or a party.

    Hugo Boss sunglasses

    In pink with grey shaded lenses, it's a perfect match for jelly shoes and a lovely summer dress, or even a smart rainjacket. This is one of those quirky little accessories which can actually enhance almost any outfit. If the perfect accessory never looks bad, then this has to be pretty darn close. If the perfect accessory is always relevant, Hugo by Hugo Boss eyewear is pushing the limit.

    The Hugo by Hugo Boss 0054 in matte lead with green lenses is a meditation on art and its place in today's world. Half Lady Gaga and half Oliver Stone, these circle sunglasses are always going to be a little on the fringe, but a lot of people like that! Not everybody would wear these, but it wouldn't be fashion if they did – it would just be boring. That's one thing Boss by Hugo Boss sunglasses will never be – they'll never be boring.

    Ksubi glasses will never be boring either. With enough cool shapes to keep a geometry fiend going for a lifetime, Ksubi eyewear is perfect for those who appreciate the same sort of originality Hugo Boss sunglasses bring to the table.