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RB2140 Original Wayfarer 901

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  • 03/18
    Very good service
    Perfect glasses, fast delivery and overall very happy with the result.
  • 03/18
    Good prices and great support
    Online store is friendly and easy to navigate. Good prices and great support. I am very happy with my purchase.
    Roy Burke
  • 11/09
    Quality product at a good price
    Quality product at a good price, shipping was prompt.
    Daniel Tanev
  • 09/26
    Excellent service
    Excellent service, great quality!
    Andrew Lindsay
  • 09/03
    I got what I wanted
    I got what I wanted. I was happy with the price. Delivery was not so fast and following on the status is not always clear.
  • 08/31
    Good quality and fast delivery!
    Fast delivery
    georgios papadeas
  • 07/11
    Graceful customer
    I was a customer before, but sometimes you still have doubts. I can only say, after receiving the "Serengeti Wayne", that the doubt was completely inapplicable. The people at the customer service always put me at ease with their professional interventions. Finally received a top product with 1000% authenticity. Neatly packed as you buy them at the optician around the corner. very very satisfied customer. Thanks to: Romar, Maria, Daisy, Burcu, Frances, Edith, Cherry, Vincent, Gian and finally Ellen, from customer service, who answered my questions within 12 hours each time.
    Fam. Deloof
  • 07/09
    Amazing costumer service.
    Amazing costumer service.
    Roberto R. Luna
  • 06/10
    Great service
    Great service, glasses arrived on time (in 9 days from Hong Kong to EU), no additional customs nor taxes. Frame is as advertised, fits on my head perfectly. Lenses are also great, I see clearly through them with no distortion. I'll probably buy another pair soon. Minor issue for me was searching for right size on the web shop, (until I realized you first have to select color variant of the particular frame model and then the size). All in all, great purchase, and approximately 3 times less expensive then in my local optician shop. And the choice of frames is much better.
    T. Grgurevic
  • 06/07
    Shipment was fast (although customs…
    Shipment was fast (although customs took 7 working days). Customer service was friendly and quick in answering. Glasses are super nice!
  • 04/14
    The customer service was so helpful in…
    The customer service was so helpful in trying to find solutions for me. Thank you!
    Nadia Kara
  • 04/13
    Seamless purchasing experience
    Seamless purchasing experience. The glasses are of high quality and very comfortable.
    Shaun Borg
  • 03/19
    Great Quality and Service
    Great Quality and Service
  • 02/07
    Light, comfortable and nice style, vision is good.
    Richard Butler
  • 12/23
    Vey good product
    Vey good product, perfect fit and meet the prescription. Fast shipment. Thanks
    Filippo A.
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Buy Best Prescription Glasses Online Belgium

Wondering where to buy glasses online for yourself or a loved one? Look no further than SmartBuyGlasses BE. being the global market leader for over 10 years means that when you shop with us, you get the same satisfaction that millions of our customer have been getting such as 100% prescription accuracy, best price guarantee, gold standard service and unmatched variety of designer glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. Use our Virtual Try-On service try before you buy glasses online.

Gaming Glasses & Blue Light Glasses


Gaming glasses are different from traditional eyeglasses or reading glasses in ways to optimize your eyesight when viewing your gaming screen. Their primary purpose is to reduce Digital Eye Strain. Such glasses are coated with a material that helps reduce DES such as anti-glare coating, slight magnification and decentered pupillary distance. The anti-glare feature ensures that reflections are reduced from screens as well as those of overhead fluorescent lighting in front of the lens surface. These glasses block only about 50% of blue light because natural quantities of blue light are required by the body for healthy functions such as regulating the circadian rhythm. When we are exposed to excessive amounts of blue light, we’re at risk of getting a good night’s sleep. The reason for this is that blue light activates the retinal cells in our eyes and stops melatonin secretion, ie., the hormone responsible for making us feel sleepy. Shop our blue light glasses now! You can add on zFORTTM blue light blocking technology to any glasses to get “fort-like” protection from blue light wavelengths between 380nm and 500nm that potentially lead to long term detrimental eye damage


Anti-Reflective Glasses


Anti glare coatings refer to microscopic multilayered coatings that eliminate glare from the back and front of your lenses- this helps prevent distractions caused by reflections and helps others see your eyes clearer, making you more attractive. This is the best option for night driving as it can prevent sudden blindness from heavy road lights, car headlights, etc. When shopping for eyeglasses at SmartBuyGlasses, choose Arise HD Prescription Lenses for the most desirable ophthalmic benefits such as UV protection, anti-reflection, scratch resistance, impact resistance, lightweightedness and superhydrophobicity. These lenses are aspheric, which makes them thinner and lighter than many other prescription lenses in the market. 


Reading Glasses


After we turn 40, the lenses in our eyes start to lose their flexibility, which leads to blurry vision. This makes us need to bring objects closer to us or farther away to get the right amount of clarity. You may also notice that you’re finding it difficult to read small print texts, getting headaches or that your eyes are feeling strained. These are signs of presbyopia and reading glasses can help with this situation. Reading glasses magnify your vision at different levels depending on which one you buy. For instance, glasses with +1.00 are considered low strength and have lesser magnification and those with +3.50 are high power lenses with higher magnification. Generally, when you’re starting out with reading glasses, you start with a low power like +1.00 and work your way up as time passes. 

The best value reading glasses online are Smartbuy Readers glasses. This exclusive collection was launched in 2018 for our customers above the age of 40, to benefit from an extra boost of magnification in everyday life. SmartBuy Readers are affordable and sturdy. The well thought out design ensures great durability and longevity.


Designer Glasses


At SmartBuyGlasses, you will find the most popular designer brands loved around the world. Find everything from Ray-Ban to Gucci, Tom Ford, Oakley, Prada and affordable stylish frames that make a difference in our world. 

Explore the SmartBuy Collection, the brand making waves in philanthropy. They’re partnered with World Vision- meaning that every purchase of SmartBuy Collection frames allow us to give back to women and children in Zambia.

If you’re looking for that high street look without having to pay the premium, look no further than Arise Collective. This is an exclusive brand to SmartBuyGlasses, featuring Italian made frames of the highest quality and craftsmanship with hundreds of styles and advantages.

If you don’t know where to begin and feel overwhelmed by the breadth of choice, no worries! Run to our handy personality lookbook to find out what types of frames would flatter your personality the most. Evergreen styles for women would include tortoiseshell frames, cat-eye and oversized styles. Meanwhile, for men, popular styles include minimal and sophisticated frames in pilot or wayfarer shapes.


Virtual Try On


SmartBuyGlasses makes online shopping for glasses as easy as A-B-C! We have a Virtual Try-On Tool with which you can see how you look trying over 5000 pairs of eyeglasses and 6000 pairs of sunglasses. It’s very easy and completely free to use! All you have to do is visit our Virtual Try On page, take a selfie video with your webcam or phone and then use our virtual mirror to see how you look wearing them. Once you find a pair of frames that you like, simply click on the selfie view button to see your face wearing these glasses. This will help you gauge how these frames will look on you in real life. It’s also possible to share your image with friends and family to get a second opinion!


Sun glasses


At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll be spoilt for choice with our breadth and depth of sunglasses on offer for women, men and kids. Popular brands include Ray-Ban, Carrera, Polaroid and Versace. You’ll find popular designs such as aviators, butterfly, cat eye, oversized, single lens and wayfarer. Find the best deals and best discount sunglasses on this page. If you find that regular fit sunglasses slide down your nose or pinch your cheeks because they’re too narrow, try out Asian fit sunglasses. These are designed to stay in place, are meant to flatter those with wider cheeks. Folding sunglasses are travel friendly given that they can compress as small so as to fit on the palm of your hands, mini bags or pockets. Polarized sunglasses help block horizontally polarised rays thereby eliminating glare when near water bodies or reflective surfaces such as car hoods, roads on hot days, etc. If you have a prescription and spend considerable time outdoors, consider either of these two options: Clip-on sunglasses, compatible with your glasses simply attach to your frames with a clip-on mechanism, providing you with protection from the harmful effects of UV rays. As an alternative, you can order prescription sunglasses. That way, you can get those intricate and extra stylish sunglass frames with your prescription giving that chic look without any compromise on perfect vision.


Buy contact lenses online in Belgium


If this is the first time that you’re buying contact lenses online, don’t fret. At SmartBuyGlasses BE, you will find the world’s most trusted contact lenses brands here, including Acuvue, AirOptix, Biofinity, Dailies and PureVision. You’ll find everything from daily disposable lenses, monthly disposable lenses, coloured contact lenses, toric lenses and multifocal lenses.

At SmartBuyGlasses, you’ll get the best price online, free shipping and a 3-month warranty on all contact lenses and know that you’ll get the best in class professional service. If you’re not completely satisfied with your product, you can use our 100-day easy return policy. Happy shopping!

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